Stuff in a Pot is a cooking technique. It's an eating style. It's an adventure in all things food.

My name is Lisa Melegari and I've developed a quirky method of cooking - throwing stuff in a pot. It's not always a pot, and the "stuff" varies from dish to dish. Sometimes it's a quest to use up the leftovers and odds and ends in our fridge. Sometimes it's the discovery of a new ingredient. Sometimes it's just boredom. But the results are always the same, stuff ends up in a pot (or pan, or dish, or other kitchen vessel).

If you're just looking for step-by-step recipes this isn't the place. The Stuff in a Pot cooking method is more about improvising and using what you have or want to use rather than following a strict set of steps. You need an adventurous spirit and some patience to cook my way (and a good pizza or Chinese place on speed dial for those failed dishes).

Occasionally you'll find random posts about my "foodventures" - I love eating at new restaurants and never pass up a unique eatery. I'm also a grocery store/market addict, and in my travels I'm always looking for new places to pick up fun ingredients and inspiration.

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